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"Exchanging our Knowledge"

Projects in Israel and Palestine

The “Exchanging our Knowledge” Projects offer stability for individuals whose livelihoods were effected by the conflict in Israel and Palestine. It enables tour guides, peace-builders, story-tellers and educators to earn a living, and build new skills through global connection. The project fosters solidarity between Palestinians and Israelis, and strengthens our community of peace-builders, through education and creative collaboration.


Programs are designed for groups of family, friends and community, and are available to groups of all sizes. Please reach out to us if you are interested in hosting a program for your community!

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Project 1: Guides Webinar / Virtual Tour

Presented by two guide educators - one Palestinian and one Jewish Israeli - this signature program explores the current situation, its key sites, and prospects for the future. Participants gain a better understanding of reality on the ground and process the emerging discourse in their communities.

Duration: 60-90 min

Suggested Donation: $500

My nieces Sumaya and Malak in Jerusalem. Cutest kids ever. But don't let the smile deceive

Project 2: Family Chat

Meet an Israeli and/or Palestinian “host family,” for a facilitated conversation with Q&A.. Participants introduce themselves, their family, daily life, and impressions on the current situation. This meaningful exchange fosters deeper connection in a moment when it can be difficult to see the personal through the slogans.

Duration: 45-75 min

Suggested Donation: $300


Project 3: Share a Meal

Learn how to cook a local Palestinian or Israeli family’s favorite dish. Blend hummus, prepare a classic salad, or flip the celebrated pot of maklube. Participants receive the recipe* beforehand and cook together with their host instructor over Zoom. Sharing a meal provides a basis for building community and humanizing “the other.”

Duration: 1.5-2 hours

Suggested Donation: $400


Project 4: Storytelling with Children

During wartime, children are often the most deeply affected - which can lead to life-long trauma. This program will pay for one of our storytellers to visit a children's center and share uplifting stories and fun. The goal is to provide some joy and normalcy for the children, during this time of grief and conflict. (Please note that this program will not feature an online component with American donors - it is in person, specifically for children in Israel and Palestine).

Duration: One day - field visit

Suggested Donation: $750

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Project 5: Design a curriculum for your community!

The Tour guides of Israel and Palestine are uniquely skilled and talented. Are you interested in an Arabic or Hebrew class for your community? What about a history lesson on the Ottoman Empire? Curious about the significance of war and peace in Roman Mythology? Together we can build a unique educational session for your community! If you can dream it, we can build it!

Duration: 60-90 Minutes

Suggested Donation: $1,000

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