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Support Diversity Education


The Diversity Education Project promotes public education initiatives in underserved rural and low-income communities in the United States. A partnership between InterAct International and the Center for Behavioral and Cognitive History (BACH), the project offers diversity training, multi-narrative education, and conflict resolution workshops to students, educators, and community members.


InterAct, a non-profit 501(c)(3), brings over twenty years of field experience to the table. InterAct educators have operated peace projects, dispute resolution workshops, and experiential learning courses in conflict and post-conflict zones such as Iraq, the Balkans, Northern Ireland, Vietnam, and Israel-Palestine. 

BACH specializes in the academic study of human aggression, emotions, and conflict in World History. Operating out of Erskine College in South Carolina, the Center works to raise awareness of how behavioral and cognitive habits have contributed to social strife, extremism, and violence throughout history. Tapping into a network of global researchers working in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, the Center provides dual-narrative and multi-narrative education about pressing global issues.

With your help, together we can contribute to turning global issues into global solutions!

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