• InterAct is working with refugees all over the world to guarantee their access to education. Syrian refugees, for instance, have been scattered throughout the Middle East and Europe, and most do not have the opportunities or resources to enroll in higher education. There are also mounting needs among Palestinian refugees, due to recent cuts by the U.S administration to the budget of UNRWA (which has traditionally helped meet the needs of displaced Palestinians). We are also working with the Venezuelan refugee crisis, as millions of Venezuelans are currently scattered across South America. Our projects target students from primary to college level, offering scholarships, assistance, internships, apprenticeship, volunteer opportunities, extracurricular activities, entrepreneurship, and connections to other communities all over the world. Here are some stories from one of our projects with National Geographic.

  • East Jerusalem is one of the poorest cities in the Holy Land, and InterAct is aiming to transform Jerusalem's education gap by creating opportunities to help the city's residents thrive and prosper. Currently, over 2,000 classrooms are missing in East Jerusalem, and students in East Jerusalem finish high school without any resources to help them continue to college. If they decide to go to university in the West Bank, their degree will not be accepted by most Israeli institutions, and they will not be able to get a job in Jerusalem. If they decide to study in an Israeli university, they discover a huge chasm between what they learned in high school and what is needed to pass Israeli university courses. As a result, retention rates for East Jerusalem residents who enter Israeli universities is very low. InterAct is thus working with East Jerusalem students to offer scholarships, technical assistance, conflict resolution skills, exchange opportunities, and apprenticeship.

  • The founders of InterAct are known for their work in international development and conflict resolution. They have innovated projects in Afghanistan, Iran, Syria, the U.S, Northern Ireland, Colombia, and many other destinations. They have worked on a number of projects to encourage entrepreneurship and help with community developments.  In the last few years, they have worked to promote community tourism in Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, and many other destinations. InterAct's projects expand on these inroads. InterAct supports communities by training developing community tourism projects, training tour guides, supporting innovative products and activities, assisting local small businesses. For example, we are working now in Chile with our partner Evoluzion on community tourism projects with indigenous tribes such as the Mapuches in south-central Chile.

  • Through in-depth consultations and trainings, the social change and business professionals at InterAct will enhance progressive forms of business i.e. social enterprise and social business with the best practices and cutting edge thinking from the social change, peacebuilding, and development fields.  Specifically, we help social enterprise practitioners think through their theories of change, the impact they want to make, and how to realistically measure it in a way that helps them continuously learn, benefit from that measurement, and scale the change they seek to create in the world.

Entrepreneurship and Community Development 

InterAct,  promotes a more connected and caring world through education, exchange, and entrepreneurship



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