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The Dual Narrative Education Center

The Dual Narrative Educational Center (DNEC) is a groundbreaking online platform designed to promote education and understanding of the Palestinian Israeli conflict. By offering comprehensive and unbiased information, the DNEC aims to bridge the gap in knowledge and perspectives among Israelis, Palestinians, and the global community. 


The DNEC seeks to establish a multilingual (English, Hebrew, Arabic) interactive hub that presents balanced perspectives on the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The center will offer meticulously curated content spanning from antiquity (BC) to contemporary times. Interactive maps will delineate shifting borders and regimes over centuries alongside key events, personalities, and international resolutions pertinent to the region's history. Sections such as maps, videos/documentaries/films, academic content, art exhibitions online, detailed historical accounts, personal narratives from prominent figures across various societal facets, VR-powered testimonials, and virtual thematic tours aim to create an immersive experience for users. The project also envisions facilitating real-life dual narrative tours of Israel and Palestine for those inspired to engage on a more physical level.

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The DNEC has four main objectives:


  • Educating Israelis and Palestinians about each other through providing a platform for individuals from both communities to learn about the opposing narrative, fostering mutual understanding, empathy, and respect. Through interactive maps, videos, academic content, and testimonies, users will gain an in-depth understanding of the perspectives, stories, and experiences of both Israelis and Palestinians.

  • Educate the world about the different narratives existing in Israel and Palestine; the DNEC's content will be accessible to a global audience, aiming to dispel misconceptions and stereotypes while promoting a nuanced understanding of the diverse narratives in Israel and Palestine. By showcasing historical facts, art, and recorded interviews, the DNEC will contribute to a more informed and balanced perception of the conflict.

  • Encourage collaboration among civil society organizations and partners through actively engage with educational centers, universities, museums, and cultural facilities to foster collaboration and promote a collective effort towards a better reality. By partnering with local and international organizations, the DNEC will create a network of stakeholders committed to promoting peace, dialogue, and understanding.

  • Create an online space for peaceful coexistence and a sustainable two-state solution; the center will serve as an inclusive online platform where individuals can engage in dialogue, participate in virtual tours, and access resources that facilitate cross-cultural exchange and collaboration. By promoting peaceful coexistence and a two-state solution, the DNEC seeks to contribute to the overall stability and prosperity of the region.

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