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The Museum
& Learning Center

The online Learning Center will use a dual narrative approach to increase understanding for alternative narratives and build empathy for “the other.” It will combat the rise in both Islamophobia and Antisemitism, by humanizing both Palestinians and Jews through personal storytelling. It will use engaging new technology, education and entertainment in order to pierce the veil, open minds, and challenge our communities to come together to collaboratively tackle hatred, oppression, violence and war. 


The Learning Center aims to become a tool that the entire peace camp can use to expand their ranks.


The Learning Center will provide an easily accessible, online educational platform that can be utilized not only by the Peace Community, but by Journalists, Universities, and knowledge-seekers worldwide. This engaging, and interactive new tool will provide in-depth educational materials, focusing primarily on the history and politics of the conflict. It will use entertainment and innovative new technology such as VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality), along with art and personal story sharing, to foster deep empathy and understanding across divides. 


The Center will not take any political “side,” rather it will present (fairly and in-depth) both Israeli and Palestinian perspectives. This will decrease polarization, re-humanize people, and most importantly: will increase participation from the political center and mainstream. When people feel their own “side” is represented fairly, they become much more open and receptive to listening to others - this is true in all interpersonal conflicts, large and small, not only in warfare and political conflict.


The Center will target mainstream Israelis and Palestinians - as well as Americans - who otherwise would never have had the opportunity to hear an alternate perspective. It will provide engaging, easy access to learning, for people from all sides of the conflict, and from all around the world. It will be an educational tool that can be used by peace-makers, educators, and decision-makers throughout Israeli and Palestinian societies, as well as internationally. 


Along with the online educational platform, once sufficient funds are raised, a physical Museum will be built in Jaffa, Tel Aviv. The Museum & Learning Center will also host a traveling exhibit that can be brought to Universities, educational institutions and museums throughout the region and worldwide.

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