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Recommended Reading

It takes effort to get the “full picture”, especially when we’re in the midst of a Social Media war. We encourage our followers to question what you read / see online, to check an additional source and continue to search for the narratives. Below are a few recommended sources. While none are “stand-alone”, they represent certain narratives that are important to know.

Media Outlets





People to follow (X and/or Instagram)

Private People: 
  • Maoz Inon and Magen Inon - Social Entrepreneurs that lost their parents on Oct 7th 
  • Ahmed Fouad Alkhatib - American humanitarian activist and blogger.
  • Noam Shuster Eliasi - Israeli comedian and activist
  • Motaz Azaiza - Palestinian photojournalist from the Gaza Strip
  • Noga Tarnopolsky - Correspondent covering Israel and Palestine and a frequent contributor to The Daily Beast
  • Munther Isaac - ​​Evangelical Lutheran Pastor and Academic Dean of Bethlehem Bible College
  • Talia Ringer - Israeli-American for peace, equality, and justice
  • James Zogby - Founder and president of the Arab American Institute
  • Daniel Seidemann - Israeli attorney specializing in Israeli-Palestinian relations in Jerusalem
  • Ami Dar - Founder and executive director of
  • Khalil Shikaki - Professor of Political Science and director of the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research
  • Yair Wallach - Social and cultural historian of modern Palestine/Israel
  • Hamze Awawde - Hands of Peace Palestinian Regional Manager
  • Dahlia Scheindlin - political scientist, a public opinion expert and a political consultant
  • Omar @Omar_Gaza 
  • Gershon Baskin -  Israeli columnist, social and political activist
  • Muhammad Shehada - Palestinian writer and analyst from the Gaza Strip
  • Rabbi Jill Jacobs - American Conservative rabbi, Executive director of T'ruah  
  • @wizard_bisan1 - Gaza -Palestine Filmmaker, Traveler and a dreamer 
  • Alon Lee Green - National Director at Standing Together
Organizations / Corporations: 
  • Standing Together - A grassroots movement mobilizing Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel in pursuit of peace
  • Unapologetics - Palestinians citizens of Israel sharing their narrative and experience of living in Israel 
  • Bring Home Now - The Israeli Hostage and Missing Families Forum 
  • Solutions not sides - UK-based educational programme for schools & colleges re: Israel-Palestine conflict based on student interaction with Israeli & Palestinian peace activists
  • Bereaved Parents Circle Family Forum
  • A land for all - An Israeli-Palestinian movement proposing a two-state confederation as the solution to the conflict
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