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The InterAct Education Center Presents:

In partnership with:
Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom &
Churches for Middle East Peace

Meet the Peace-Makers

A Women’s Leadership Series

This webinar series will consist of four talks, highlighting the women leaders in the peace-making field. It will discuss the unique challenges & strengths of being a woman leader in our field, along with the importance of including feminist thought in peacebuilding.

Talk One: What Does it Take to be a Woman in Leadership?

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Rana Salman, Executive Director of Combatants for Peace

May Pundak, Executive Director of A Land for All

Moderated by Emili Rishmawi, MEJDI Tours

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Rana Salman, Executive Director of Combatants for Peace, and May Pundak, Executive Director of A Land for All, have been featured together in the New York Times and on CNN. They are strong women leaders - one Palestinian and one Israeli - who are making waves and building the peace movement from the ground up. Join us in a powerful conversation about what it takes to be a woman leading the peace movement.

Talk Two: From Tragedy to Triumph: Overcoming Loss and Fighting for Peace

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January 15, 12pm ET / 7pm Jerusalem

Laila Al Sheikh, Parents Circle

Kim Passy Yoseph, Mejdi Tours

Laila Al Sheikh lost her six-month old son to the violence, but instead of turning toward hatred and revenge, her loss propelled her in a fight for peace. Kim Passy Yoseph's close friend from childhood was kidnapped by Hamas. Together they will share their stories of tragedy, and share why and how their personal only stregnthen their fight for peace. 

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Talk Three: The Importance of Feminist Thought in Peacebuilding

Jan 31, 1pm ET / 8pm Jerusalem

Netta Loevy, Itakh Maaki - Women Lawyers for Social Justice

Nivine Sandouka, Alliance for Middle East Peace

Moderated by Rev. Dr. Mae Elise Cannon, Churches for Middle East Peace

Screenshot 2023-12-14 at 7.01.21 PM.png

Nivine Sandouka, Regional Chief of Staff at ALLMEP and Board Member of Our Rights, an NGO focusing on Palestinian women's rights in Jerusalem, will join Netta Leovy, co-Director of the UNSCR 1325 Project at Women Lawyers for Social Justice. Together they will discuss the importance of feminist thought in peace-building, and answer the question: Why must the peace-movement  focus on, and highlight women as leaders and change makers? 

Talk Four: Women’s Movement Building

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February 15, 1pm ET / 8pm Jerusalem

Yael Braudo-Bahat & Huda Abuarquob, Women Wage Peace
Moderated by Tahija Vikalo, The Sisterhood of Salaam-Shalom


Women Wage Peace is a women-led movement in Israel and Palestine, and one of the largest peace groups on the ground. This organization is building an inspiring women led movement, from the ground up. What does it take to build a women's movement? 

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