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Educational/Vocational Scholarships 

& Aid for Families Impacted by Conflict.


Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

  • Scholarships for Refugees​ 

    • Our projects assists students from primary school through college level, offering scholarships, assistance, internships, apprenticeship, volunteer opportunities, extracurricular activities, entrepreneurship, and connections to other communities all over the world. Here are some stories from one of our projects with National Geographic.​​

  • Scholarships & Educational Opportunities in East Jerusalem

    • East Jerusalem is one of the poorest cities in the Holy Land, and InterAct is aiming to transform Jerusalem's education gap by creating opportunities to help the city's residents thrive and prosper. InterAct has worked with East Jerusalem students offering scholarships, technical assistance, conflict resolution skills, exchange-student opportunities, and apprenticeship opportunities.

  • Opportunities for Low-Income Students in the United States

    • A partnership between InterAct International and the Center for Behavioral and Cognitive History (BACH), The Diversity Education project offers diversity training, multi-narrative education, and conflict resolution workshops to students, educators, and community members.

  • Vocational Training for Indigenous Communities

    • ​InterAct has supported communities by developing community tourism projects, training tour guides, supporting innovative products and activities, and assisting local small businesses. For example, we are working now in Chile with our partner Evoluzion on community tourism projects with indigenous tribes such as the Mapuches in south-central Chile.

  • Humanitarian Aid for Families Impacted by War and Conflict

    • ​InterAct supported entrepreneurs who lost their jobs due to the Covid19 crisis.

    • In the aftermath of the 2020 explosion in Beirut, Lebanon,  InterAct partnered with local organizations to help with food distribution, reconstruction efforts, mental health support, and all aspects of rehabilitation.

    • When the Israel-Hamas war broke out on October 7, InterAct provided humanitarian relief, food boxes and mental health services for families directly impacted by violence.

Our Partners

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