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Conversation Facilitation & Conflict Resolution Workshops

Single or Multi-Day Trainings

Capable of guiding individuals and teams through challenging moments and conversations through constructive dialogue, our training programs equip both staff and leadership with effective communication skills to engage with different points of view. Previous clients include leading universities, NGO's, community foundations, and Fortune 500 Corporations.

Dual Narrative Dialogue
Two of our trained guides, Israeli and Palestinian, participate in an online discussion. Together, they'll explore the current situation and future possibilities in the region. Our goal is to provide a platform for personal stories and perspectives, fostering open dialogue and showcasing the collaborative spirit between our guides. Don't miss this opportunity to hear diverse voices and witness the power of respectful cooperation.

This session can be tailored to focus on specific topics that better fit your community - Historical events, Political conversations, etc, OR run as an online Dual Narrative tour using digital tools (maps, videos, 360 pictures) to make the session more interactive.

Train the Trainer Seminars
Our conflict Resolution experts lead online OR in person seminars built to empower individuals and organizations to instigate positive change. The offerings provide frameworks and tools to integrate knowledge across disciplines, devise impactful strategies, and foster innovation with quantifiable outcomes. We cater to those starting anew or seeking a revitalization in their capacity and leadership endeavors, tailoring our training and programs to align with your unique requirements.

The sessions may include but are not limited to: Conflict management strategies, Cultivating intercultural Awareness and communication skills, Combating Islamophobia and/or anti-Semitism, Enhancing team dynamics, and more.


Contact us at to learn more. 

Contact us to learn more or request a facilitated conversation and/or conflict resolution workshop.
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