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The InterAct Education Center:
A Dual Narrative Approach to Learning

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Aziz teaching
Egyptian Kids



To generate critical understanding and deep empathy among war torn parties in conflict, and in the general public, that might lead to innovative solutions, and also notably, to combat the rising tide of hatred and extremism.

The InterAct Education Center uses story-telling, art and technology to help people connect across war-torn divides: whether those divides be political, cultural, ethnic, religious, geographic, or socio-economic.


  • Challenge our communities to come together to collaboratively tackle hatred, violence, oppression, and war.

  • Increase understanding of alternative narratives in conflict zones, overcoming hatred and fear by building empathy and understanding. 

  • Combat the rise in both Antisemitism and Islamophobia, by humanizing both Jews and Palestinians through personal storytelling. 

  • Amplify the voices of existing peacemakers and their work, through all forms of traditional and social media.

  • Provide support (aid & scholarships) to families brutalized by conflict.

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